Where to Buy Verified Emails List?

15 Dec, 2021

Verified Email records can save B2B outreach groups a heap of time. Fishing through LinkedIn and contacting distinct individuals can give you some great leads, yet it won't give you a large number of them. If you can get your paws on a decent email list, it'll save money as well as time.

Finding an "email address" is one of the easiest ways to market directly to a customer and if you offer any kind of service or product, then finding people's emails can often be the key that unlocks doors into your customers' wallets.

Nowadays, a lot of companies rely on email as their primary means of interacting with customers. Companies rely on express customer care for sales and promotions to stay connected with their customers. In order to communicate, companies need to provide followers with contact information - that is, an email address or phone number.

If this information isn't handy at all times the company will have a hard time staying in touch with those who follow them online. It would be important for any company's success to know where to find people so they can keep in touch and reach out when needed!

Here we have shared some top B2B database websites that can help you find company emails and other modes of contacts easily.


It is a B2B database website that can help any type of business no matter what sector or size; in generating high-quality leads. You just have to type in some details and wait for max. 60 seconds, a list of MQLs will be in front of your screen in no time.


With an assurance of 97% precision and a minimal expense, MegaLeads is a strong email list supplier. Clients have the choice to drop their membership whenever - and they offer 200 free prompts to get everything rolling. If email addresses at a low cost are all you really want, this is a brilliant spot to begin.


The Medicoleads motto is Connecting the Marketing World with Healthcare Universe - and that is by and large what they’ll do. They approach about 1 million medical services experts around the world - very nearly a fourth are C-Level Executives.

There’s likewise a choice to fragment your list, so you can try not to get such a large number of unusable email addresses.

Blue Mail Media

With admittance to 75 million B2B profiles around the world, the Blue Mail Media’s information pool isn’t one to be sniffed at. They have one or two main data points on offer as well, like direct dials, innovations and industry data. A little more than 20 million of the B2B contacts on offer are SMB proprietors, so it’s a decent spot to look if you’re focusing more on SMBs.

Thomson Data

They additionally have a 75 million profile information base - which is upheld by superb client care. They’re a notable player in the B2B information market - 27% of US advertisers have utilized their information. You’ll effectively track down a lot of audits if you’re after more data.

They likewise offer some innovation experiences -, for example, cloud, ERP, CRM, and other solutions.


ZoomInfo approaches more than 10 million business profiles. What separates them from numerous different information suppliers, is that they likewise approach 63 million direct dials (that is plenty of direct dials).

ZoomInfo is genuinely known for their US information count - which has made their answer a considerable amount more costly. Worth investigating if you’re a US organization with a touch of extra money.


AeroLeads gives a Chrome extension that can be utilized on LinkedIn, CrunchBase, AngelList, Xing, and that's only the tip of the iceberg. Essentially, if you see a profile you like the vibe of, you can tap the Chrome extension and produce the contact data.

It’s like the Cognism Chrome expansion, however with fewer points. This is reflected in the cost - it’s a super-reasonable arrangement. Their entrance level bundle will give you admittance to 1,000 business profiles for just $49 dollars/month.

Closing note:

Finding an email address is enormously difficult unless you have access to a reliable database of company email signatures or customer profiles which makes it all the more important for businesses to find ways they can stand out from their competition in this area if they are serious about engaging customers.