Freelance for Freedom

27 May, 2021

Are you tired of the long hours, low pay, and the inability to relax once you are out of the office? Dreamers, like yourself, often find themselves zoning out and fantasizing over the possibility of becoming their boss. It does sound hard and to some, it may be virtually impossible only because they are not sure where to begin.

For those dreamers, the only hurdle they may need to jump over is their lack of self-confidence. There are many affordable and easy ways to becoming their boss and creating a new lifestyle of reduced stress and doing work they truly love.

One of the newer jobs that people often contract for is technicians and engineers who know how to repair complex machinery. If you fit that criteria and often consider creating your own technical support business, keep reading as we would love to share some tips for you:

Register A Self-Owned Business

Once you understand the steps needed to create a business that is all your own, the rest of the steps will come with ease. As someone who may not have any prior experience owning a business, research may be needed. Or you can partner with a company that will help you create your business without all the long paperwork, sponsorships, and headaches.

The Corporate Group is the perfect one-stop-shop for creating a business, receive a consultation, and register a company. Dubai is one of the top 10 countries to start a business in due to its affordable cost, less paperwork, and no tax requirement. That means 100% of the profit you make from this registered business is yours alone. The best part is, that is perfectly legal and allows you to sell and service in the GCC.

Find Your Niche

Not every part of the technology industry is under the same umbrella. For example, a car technician probably will not have the same knowledge base as a person who repairs energy turbines for a living. There are the rare ones who know and understand every piece of technology and its functions, but for the startup. You should stick to one niche in the beginning so future clients know and understand your specialty field.

Research Marketing Techniques

Just creating a name will not get you, clients. There are several different marketing strategies you should be researching and planning to use to spread the brand awareness of your company. It may sound difficult to the inexperienced business owner, but it is vital in helping you receive leads and clients that will help fund your future.

Be sure that before you jump into a certain marketing strategy that you feel works best, you have the funds to be able to back it. Start researching clients who are asking for help in the classifieds to find your first set of clients whose gigs will help fund your marketing endeavors for your new company.

If you are interested in reaching out for a consultation or reading advice from professionals, Marketo is a perfect place for a startup to begin its marketing journey.

Learn from Failure

This piece of advice can be relevant to almost any aspect of the business. From your marketing strategies to handling your first real client – Anything can happen. It is important that as a human you take the time to learn from these mistakes to better prepares yourself for the future. Since you are just starting and unsure of what mistakes to look out for, there is a way you can look ahead and prepare. Reach out to a company like eWorks, which specializes in helping startups understand the risks and failures that many others before them have experienced. There is support from all around thanks to the internet and the ability to easily connect with others in your shoes. Do not be afraid of mistakes or failure as it helps you adapt to better prevent it from happening again.

If you can, the order in bulk

There will come a time when it comes to repairing an item or series of items that require you to order a special item to fix it. Or you will need to hand out marketing supplies, in need of tools, and so on. As you grow, you will notice that ordering items in bulk will bring forth a higher return of profit to you as it will help you down the line with other potential clients. Just be sure you have the storage space available to keep your item safe for future use.

When purchasing wholesale, use one of the leading B2B marketplaces in the UAE to connect to vendors and suppliers. BizBiz.Biz is the place where hundreds of businesses get connected to other companies that have the products they need and the business mission that matches their own.


Taking the first step in gaining freedom from the traditional 9-5 and gain the ability to conduct business the way you want can be scary, at first. But after you go through the necessary steps, take our advice, and start bringing in satisfied customers – You will be happy you took the first step towards this type of independence.

Take time to understand the market you are jumping into and research potential partners you can utilize over time. BizBiz.Biz is a B2B marketplace that allows you to connect with larger companies who are willing to work with the little guys. Partner with the best vendors out there who will give you all the supplies you need to succeed.


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